Monday, September 27, 2010

A note from the Links tab...

Here's a spot where I previously started saving a few recipes about six months ago in an attempt to get organized a bit. Ironically, I never got around to posting a coffee jello recipe. It was a short lived phase. :)    ~ Brenda   (burendachan1) jello
     Some of my faves are the cornbread with chilies and cheese. ...the scone recipes... the BROWNIE recipe is so easy and yummy. (Recently when I made this I creamed the sugar and butter together first and mixed the flour in last. Made a big difference in the texture.)  This recipe is "two" of almost everything. 2 cups flour, sugar, etc. 2 sticks of butter. 2 eggs. Easy Peasy.
    It's getting to be chili weather. A couple of our fave chili recipes are on here as well. One is a crockpot recipe that is spicy, easy, and yummy. 

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