On the Needles...

Sara - 
You are going to LOVE this sock pattern. It's SOOO easy. It will be perfect vanpool knitting because it's SMALL and easy and basically a "non pattern" - round and round and round and round.

What's on your needles?

bobbles, bobbles, everywhere...

Here's my main project o' the day: Noah's hat.  

Sara - guess what times a charm (I hope)! FOURTH times a charm. I gauge and I swatch...

Noah is 2 years old.

First try - fit my adult-sized head
Second try - fit my adult-sized head
Third try - I screwed up the pattern
Fourth try - I am going to try THIS on a toddler soon. Crossing my fingers that it will fit!!!!

Using some fabulous baby alpaca yarn. Aren't the colors cute? :) There are detachable earflaps also. I think it is going to be pretty darn cute when it's done.

This is someone else's finished object - from ravelry - the pattern I'm using. Cute.
Sara - you gotta watch this video on winding a center pull ball. This is the EASIEST way I've ever seen anyone describe this. SIMPLE~! Amazing for a "two stranded" project with only one skien of yarn!!!!!!
winding a center pull ball of yarn

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  1. Cute projects, B!! I'm currently working on washcloths (sloooooowwwwly), and hoping to start a fabulous cowl scarf with my fabulous yarn from the fabulous Yarn Garage! Pictures to come soon. :)